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Aerial Silks

Aerial Silks are one of the most beautiful and popular circus genres. The working material is a special fabric, such as lycra, or polyester. 

It is important to know about the aerial silks

It is worth understanding that aerial gymnastics primarily involves working in the air, so safety should be taken very carefully.

  1. Always check both the webs and their suspension (carabiner, swivel, rope, etc.) before starting your training. This is very important!
  2. If the aerial fabric have fissures, holes or any other defects, it is worth replacing them with new ones.
We do not recommend the use of webs for air gymnastics without a spinning machine, as this increases the load on the fabric itself, which may cause it to tear.

Use only certified circus aerial silks. Always ask for quality certificates, which must include two critical indicators: WLL (working load limit) and BLL (breaking load limit).

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