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Aerial Hoop Tape 2.5cmx25 m Black

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Introducing our high-quality Tape for Covering Aerial Hoop and other aerial equipment - the perfect addition to any aerial performer's toolkit! This tape is specifically designed to meet the needs of aerialists, with a range of features that make it the ideal choice for covering aerial hoops and other equipment.

It's not slippery or sticky, which means you can maintain a secure grip on your equipment without it sticking to your hands or slipping out of place. The tape is also pleasant to the touch and has high strength, ensuring that it will stand up to the rigors of aerial performance.

With a length of 25m and a width of 25mm, this tape is the perfect size for covering your aerial equipment. So whether you're a professional aerialist or just starting out, this tape is an essential tool that will help you to achieve your best performances.


Purpose for covering aerial hoop
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