Handstand canes

Handstand-Canes.com is created for all who love handstands and balance. Our store will be beneficial and helpful for hand balancers, contortionists, acrobats, gymnasts, circus performers and all who want to join the world of handstand.

Handstand is a beautiful and graceful act, which is used in many different types of activities, such as yoga, circus, calisthenics, gymnastics and acrobatics. Hand balancers use body and arm strength to find balance on different types of surfaces, such as: floor, blocks, platforms, support of partner arms or special and other.

We are specialised in making professional handstand canes, circus equipment and calisthenics props which are sturdy and easy to assemble.

What kind of handstand canes do we make?

In our store you can buy different types of hand balancing canes:

  • for beginners - simple, but useful;
  • for professional - rotating, adjustable and collapsible models.

from 2 different types of material:

  • steel
  • wood

Why should you use handstand canes?

Training on the canes can be easier than floor hand balancing and uncover and develop a lot of different tricks which are useful only on canes. A lot of circus performers prefer to make their handstand acts on the canes, because it looks more attractive, pleasing to the eye and allows them to show all their tricks.

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