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About Us

Handstand-Canes.com was founded in 2020 by Anton Kostera. We specialise in making circus handstand canes, circus equipment and calisthenics props which are sturdy and easy to assemble. Our products are made with high quality materials for the best price.

Born and raised in Ukraine. Self taught Anton found his passion for circus and traveling. He started training at 21 years old and started to explore the world of straps, pole, silks, trapeze… His hard work, enthusiasm and dedication lead him to his first professional artist contract in Taiwan. Anton worked for….. for many years, where he had the opportunity to further his artistic skills both in the air and on the ground. Taiwan gave Anton the confidence and foundations to explore many new skills.

He then went on to become a lead artist for AIDA Cruise Lines. Working on many different sized ships and various shows which all included, dancing, singing, acting, aerial, contortion, etc.. Anton describes this much as a “struggle” at first, however quickly adapts and learns from fellow co workers and cast members. Anton's most recent credit was onboard AidaNova, the fifth largest cruise ship in the world where he entertained roughly 6,000 passengers each week with his charm, charisma and of course talent.

Now he focuses on bringing to life the vision of helping other aspiring artists/gymnasts and yoga masters by selling and shipping top quality, yet affordable circus equipment internationally.

Written by Danielle Jenkinson