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Handstand Canes

What kind of handstand canes do we make?

In our store you can buy different types of hand-balancing canes:

  • for beginners - simple, cheap but useful for training;
  • for professional and contortionist - rotating, adjustable, triple and collapsible models.

from 2 different types of material:

  • steel (usually handstand sticks made from steel),
  • wood (usually a handstand base made from wood).

Why should you use handstand canes?

Handbalancing training on the canes can be easier than floor hand balancing and developing a lot of different tricks which are useful only on canes.

A lot of circus or contortion performers prefer to make their handstand acts on the canes, because it looks more attractive, pleasing to the eye and allows them to show all their tricks.

On the other hand for beginners handstand stands can give the necessary support to allow for focus on form and technique

What is a handstand canes?

A handstand canes is a specialized tool used in 

  • circus, 
  • contortion,
  • gymnastics,
  • yoga,

and other physical activities to improve balance and strengthen the hands while performing handstands.

  1. It consists of a solid base and strong reeds that provide a stable foundation for the user to maintain proper alignment and control.
  2. They are typically made of sturdy materials such as wood or metal.

Is it easier to handstand on canes?

For some people, using handstand canes may make it easier to perform handstands because the canes provide a stable base of support and can help improve balance.

For beginners or those who are not yet confident in their handstand ability, handstand canes can be a helpful tool to build strength and improve technique.

However, it is important to note that handstand canes are not a substitute for proper technique and strength in the upper body and core. It is still necessary to practice proper form and build up the necessary strength and control to perform a handstand without the aid of stands. Using handstand canes can be a useful tool for training and development, but it is not a "quick fix" or a replacement for proper technique and practice.

Are handstand canes worth it?

Whether or not handstand canes are worth it depends on an individual's goals and needs.

If you are interested in improving your handstand skills and developing strength, balance, and control in the upper body and core, handstand canes may be a useful tool to include in your training program.

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Handstand Canes 1.0
Fit for: professional handbalancers

229.00€ 199.00€

Handstand Canes 2.0
Level: for beginners Price per: pair

150.00€ 125.00€

Handstand Canes 3.0
Level: for beginners Price per: pair

145.00€ 130.00€

Handstand Canes 4.0
Fit for: professional hand-balancers

249.00€ 199.00€

Handstand Canes 5.0
Fit for: contortionists, circus performers, gymnasts


Handstand Canes 6.0
Feature: adjustable / sloped blocks Fit for: beginners Price per: pair


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