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Hand Balance Canes 7.0

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Introducing Spring Handstand Canes - the ultimate tool to enhance your handbalancing skills! The springs provide an extra level of resistance during your workouts, resulting in increased wrist stability and power.

Regular training on Spring Handstand Canes will help you to build strength and confidence in your handbalancing practice, enabling you to achieve more challenging poses and tricks.

These canes are perfect for anyone looking to improve their handstand practice, from beginners to professionals. The added resistance of the springs provides a unique challenge that helps to build wrist strength and stability, leading to more controlled and powerful handstands.

So if you're ready to take your handbalancing skills to the next level, don't hesitate - order your Spring Handstand Canes today and start your journey to stronger, more confident handstands!


Feature adjustable / balance on springs
Price per pair
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