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Hand Balance Canes 5.0

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Introducing the new hand balance board at an affordable price. This simplified version features 2 cane sockets set at 34cm, the most common size and a 55cm x 85cm baseboard for a stable platform.

The unit, including a carrying bag, weighs 7KG and is built in Italy using high-precision CNC routers and Finnish birch plywood known for its strength and stiffness properties. The hand blocks are made of solid beech wood and provide a solid grip, and the board has rubber non-slip feet and stainless steel canes in the sockets.

The total height is 58 cm, making it optimal for most acrobats. The total weight of the unit is 6KG (13.2 pounds).

This product will ship from Italy via DHL express delivery!

Dimensions of base: 55 cm (21,65 in) * 85 cm (33,46 in);
Material of base: plywood;
Material of blocks: beech;
Dimensions of blocks: 3x10x13 cm (Rectangular version) / 3x12 cm (Round version);

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Fit for contortionists, circus performers, gymnasts
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