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Wooden handstand blocks

Handstand blocks are a common wooden tool used in handbalance training to help improve balance and handstand skills. 

  • They offer a stable and supportive surface to practice on;
  • They offer a better grip than handstands on the floor, as the fingers can drape over the edges of the blocks, providing more gripping leverage. 

What is the point of handstand with blocks?

Handstand blocks are a great piece of equipment for beginner handstand balancers. They provide a sense of control and stability that can be difficult to achieve on the floor, especially for those just starting out. Handstands on blocks are generally easier for beginners to master, as they offer a lower level of difficulty and a greater sense of support.

Overall, handstand blocks are a versatile and valuable piece of equipment for anyone looking to improve their handstand skills. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced handstand practitioner, handstand blocks can provide a range of benefits and help you take your skills to the next level.

It is important to make sure that the edges of the handstand blocks are rounded and smooth to avoid damaging the fingers.

Sloped handstand blocks vs regular

Handstand blocks without slope are considered standard in hand balance training and are widely used by gymnasts and circus performers.

On the other hand, sloped or angled handstand blocks offer an additional layer of wrist protection.

They are recommended for individuals who experience pain or discomfort in their wrists during handstands.

If you do not have any wrist issues, you can use handstand blocks without slope, but sloped handstand blocks are advised if you experience pain.

Where to use handstand blocks?

Wooden handstand blocks are commonly used in a variety of activities and sports that involve handstands and handbalance skills, such as:

  • Gymnastics and acrobatics: Handstand blocks are a common tool used in gymnastics or acrobatic training to help gymnasts improve their balance and handstand skills. 
  • Circus: In a circus training routine, handstand blocks may be used to practice and perfect handstands, as well as to develop new tricks and routines. They can be an important tool for building strength, improving balance, and increasing flexibility. Circus performers may use handstand blocks to work on specific skills, such as one-arm handstands or to improve their overall handstand technique.
After using blocks, you can definitely try moving on to gymnastics handstand canes for an added challenge. These canes are a great tool for improving handstand stability and control, and are perfect for intermediate to advanced handstand training.

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