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What should you know about handstand assist equipment?

Handstand assist equipment refers to any type of apparatus or tool that can be used to help a person perform a handstand. This can include things like handstand blocks and handstand canes. These types of equipment can help to provide support and stability for individuals who are learning to do handstands, as well as for those who are more experienced but looking to improve their technique.

What kind of handstand equipment can assist you?

Some examples of handstand assist equipment include:

Gymnastics handstand blocks can be used to help keep the hands and wrists in the correct position during a handstand.
Gymnastics balancing canes can be a great tool for anyone learning or practicing handstands because they provide a comfortable grip.

It is important to note that this equipment is not a replacement for proper training, coaching, or guidance from a qualified professional.

The best assist equipment for hand balancers is the wall

Handstand against the wall is considered one of the best handstand assist equipment, especially for beginners. This is because when learning to do a handstand, many people find it helpful to start by practicing against a wall.

This allows them to use the wall as a support while they work on building the strength and balance necessary to hold a handstand.

Additionally, practicing against a wall can help to build confidence and reduce the fear of falling over, which can make it easier to progress to doing a handstand without the use of any equipment. Overall, starting with a handstand against the wall is a great way for beginners to safely and effectively learn the basic technique and build the necessary skills for a freestanding handstand.

Handstand on the floor vs on the props

A handstand on hand balance equipment, such as handstand blocks or canes, can be different in several ways when compared to a handstand on the floor.

Handstand props can assist in the following ways:

  1. Proper alignment: Handstand blocks and canes can be used to help ensure that the hands and wrists are in the correct position for a handstand, making it easier to maintain balance and avoid injury.
  2. Increased stability: The added support provided by handstand equipment can make it easier for a person to maintain their balance, especially if they are still learning to do a handstand.
  3. Reduced fear of falling: Using handstand tools can provide a sense of security and reduce the fear of falling over, which can make it easier for a person to relax and focus on their technique.

In summary, handstand props can be a great tool for beginners and intermediate-level handstanders to help them build strength, improve technique and increase confidence. However, to truly master the handstand and have full control over it, the ability to do it on the floor without the equipment is essential.