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How tall should handstand canes be?

When it comes to choosing cheap handstand canes for beginners, the length of the canes plays a significant role in determining your stability and balance during the handstand.

Shorter canes provide more support and are closer to the ground, making them more stable and easier for beginners to control. They allow for more accurate movements and help to develop proper form and technique.

However, if the canes are too long, it can cause wobbling and make it harder to catch your balance. Beginners may find it more challenging to maintain proper form and may be more prone to falling over when using longer canes.

Typical cane height

10-25 cm short one: ideal for beginners and training
25-40 cm
middle one: fit for beginners and professionals
40 cm and more
high one: professional gymnastics, circus performers, contortionist
It's important to keep in mind that the optimal length of handstand canes will vary based on the individual's height, arm length, and skill level. It's recommended to start with shorter canes and gradually increase the length as you build strength and confidence.